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Horses is LEGO set 10806-1. It doesn't have a score so far. The set is recommended by 0 reviews, based on 1 scored review and 1 review total. We know this set was released in 2016, and it is categorised in Duplo.


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10806-1 Horses

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Compared to other 2016 sets

Price per part (PPP)

Average PPP for 2016 is 0.23. PPP for this set is 0.75, which is worse.

Price per minifig (PPM)

Average PPM for 2016 is 12.93. PPM for this set is 14.99, which is worse.

Set information

Set ID: 10806-1
Name: Horses
Parts: 20
Minifigs: 1
Retail price (USD): 14.99
Price Per Part (USD): 0.75
Price Per Minifig (USD): 14.99

2016 Duplo

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Recommendation: meh average 4.5 / 5 from 7 reviews

Bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it. She's 3 and when she got this, she immediately had to build a barn for all of her animals. Goes great with other Duplo and I would highly recommend for any little girl (my 3 year old son also plays with it periodically), especially one who likes horses. Love that the feeding bin actually swings loosely - the kids enjoy putting pieces in it. Wish it had a baseplate piece for the corral, but we used one from another set just fine.

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