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MetalBeard's Heavy Metal Motor Trike!

MetalBeard's Heavy Metal Motor Trike! is LEGO set 70834-1. It has a score of 87. This is average compared to all other sets. The set is recommended by 1 reviews, based on 5 scored reviews and 8 reviews total. It is ranked in the top 25.72% scored sets on Brick Insights. We know this set was released in 2019, and it is categorised in The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.


average score

Thumbs 75%


70834-1 MetalBeard's Heavy Metal Motor Trike!

Review breakdown

Scored reviews Recommendation: yes 5 / 5 → 100 / 100

LEGO Recommendation: meh 4.5 / 5 → 90 / 100

BricktasticBlog Recommendation: meh 84 / 100 → 84 / 100

Brickset Recommendation: meh 4 / 5 → 80 / 100

ttpm Recommendation: no 4 / 5 → 80 / 100

Unscored reviews

JANGBRiCKS Recommendation: meh

Bricksfanz Recommendation: meh

Brick Fanatics Recommendation: meh


Thumbs 75%




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Average rating



This set is average compared to all other sets. Read more about the ratings distribution chart here.

Compared to other 2019 sets


Average score for 2019 is 86.17. This set has 87, which is better.

Price per part (PPP)

Average PPP for 2019 is 0.23. PPP for this set is 0.13, which is better.

Price per minifig (PPM)

Average PPM for 2019 is 12.63. PPM for this set is 30, which is worse.

Set information

Set ID: 70834-1
Name: MetalBeard's Heavy Metal Motor Trike!
Parts: 461
Minifigs: 2
Retail price (USD): 59.99
Price Per Part (USD): 0.13
Price Per Minifig (USD): 30

2019 The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Brickset LEGO Amazon logo

Recommendation: yes 5 / 5 from 1 review

I think this LEGO isn't properly named, because "MetalBeard's Heavy Metal Motor Trike" does not male much sense. This is MetalBeard as a Heavy Metal Motor Trike, He IS the motorcycle. The color scheme is amazing and a great and fun building process

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LEGO logo

Recommendation: meh 4.5 / 5 from 4 reviews

When I first saw The Lego Movie 2 set's online, a few of them took my eye, I love crazy thrown together style, Heavy Metal MotorTrike seemed like a cool one to get and it doesn't disappoint the bricks came in 4 numbered bags and has a crazy ship/bike build feel, it took less than an hour to build and was very easy but really good fun, I really love the big front wheel and blade detail. The 2 x minifigs are nice, Benny being the best, love the retro break in the helmet (takes me back) and his replacement arm, I'm not sure about Sweet Mayhem yet but the quality and detail are very good. Value for money, I think this set is well priced, the box is eye catching instructions are easy to follow and the finished set is a good size with great playability (if your a kid) and will also look good on any shelf.

This score from LEGO is an aggregate of 4 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
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BricktasticBlog logo

Recommendation: meh 84 / 100 by John

MetalBeard sets have proven to be quite popular, with the Sea Cow still high up on my LEGO bucket list. They're wacky, with a good chunk of steampunk and craziness mixed in, and a dash of shark on top. This is one set you'll want to have in your collection. It may go up in price when it retires, but I don't think it will, as it's quite high already, but it sure is a fun one.

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Brickset logo

Recommendation: meh 4 / 5 from 1 review

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ttpm logo

Recommendation: no 4 / 5

The buggy sports durable, rubber tires that allow for a smooth ride on all surfaces. These are perfect for the LEGO movie 2 fans in your home.

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Recommendation: meh by Jang

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Bricksfanz logo

Recommendation: meh by Adam White

This is an odd set, as it doesn't feel or look that big when building it. The finished build looks great and it's a unique take on the character, but when compared to say Emmet's House, a set with the same price point, this feels has it should be a little cheaper or at least feature a random piece of scenery or more characters. However I still quite like it, in particular how the build maintains similarities with other versions of MetalBeard, making it feel like you've take his original form and transformed him into another. Benny is also a big draw, especially if you want to collect all characters in all their varients. It's a fun build, with limited play features but visually fun, with a great use of parts.

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Brick Fanatics

Brick Fanatics logo

Recommendation: meh by Graham

This is a big, fun, chunky motor trike that makes the absolutely bonkers concept work, genuinely looking like something that could have turned up in Mad Max: Fury Road – if George Miller had been even more out there with his designs.

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