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Minecraft Skeleton BigFig with Magma Cube

Minecraft Skeleton BigFig with Magma Cube is LEGO set 21150-1. It has a score of 100. This is good compared to all other sets. The set is recommended by 5 reviews, based on 2 scored reviews and 8 reviews total. It is ranked in the top 0.01% scored sets on Brick Insights. We know this set was released in 2019, and it is categorised in Minecraft.

21150-1 Minecraft Skeleton BigFig with Magma Cube

Average rating



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Thumbs 63%




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Price Per Part (PPP)

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Review breakdown

Scored reviews Recommendation: yes 5 / 5 → 100 / 100

LEGO Recommendation: yes 5 / 5 → 100 / 100

Unscored reviews

The Brothers Brick Recommendation: yes

New Elementary Recommendation: meh

Little Brick Root Recommendation: yes

Brickset News Recommendation: meh

JANGBRiCKS Recommendation: yes

Brick Fanatics Recommendation: meh

Set information

Set ID: 21150-1
Name: Minecraft Skeleton BigFig with Magma Cube
Parts: 142

Retail price (USD):
Original: 14.99
Inflation adjusted: 14.99

Price Per Part (USD):
Original: 0.11
Inflation adjusted: 0.11

2019 Minecraft

Brickset LEGO Amazon logo

Recommendation: yes 5 / 5 from 4 reviews

Love it

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LEGO logo

Recommendation: yes 5 / 5 from 1 review

I am a big fan of LEGO and a big fan of Minecraft. These bigfigs have found the perfect scale to represent Minecraft mobs. The skeleton features a firing bow, fully articulated arms, legs and head (just like the game) and even an extra level of articulation at the spine. The iron helmet is a nice added detail, which can easily be removed and added to the other bigfigs. There is also a small Magma Slime which can "hop" and split into 2 in the air, like a slinky, just as it does in the game. The bigfig features a red baseplate, but the skeleton can stand on it's own, and even stand with it's legs apart to suggest it is walking. I love the colours, shaping and details to capture the slender boney shape of the skeleton. Overall I love the set, I can imagine a child who loves Minecraft having a lot of fun with these as if they are Bionicle. I hope others buy so that more series come out, because I can see this style and scale being perfect for many Minecraft toys :) (Note: in my images I left off the arrow launcher for the bow, and moved it so the skeleton holds it on the inside of his arm)

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The Brothers Brick

The Brothers Brick logo

Recommendation: yes by Chris

Let's be honest, adult fans of LEGO don't always love Minecraft or the LEGO Minecraft theme. And that's OK. Not every theme needs to cater to the adults in the crowd along with its core audience of 6-12-year-olds. But we here at The Brothers Brick always advocate excellence in building, regardless of the theme. And the LEGO Minecraft Big Figs are excellent. They're amazingly accurate models, they're sturdy enough to withstand kid play, and they don't rely on any specialized elements apart from the accessories. This scale fits LEGO Minecraft perfectly. Now there's just one thing we're missing: some scale blocks to accompany them.

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New Elementary

New Elementary logo

Recommendation: meh by Tim Johnson

I think these three Minecraft sets contain some great universal pieces, although you only get the new pieces in rather small numbers. I recommend getting Steve for some good Dark Brown pieces and Alex for the Sand Green.

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Little Brick Root

Little Brick Root logo

Recommendation: yes by Christian

This was a great set. I'm continually struck by the skeleton's charm and I'm looking forward to finding somewhere around the house to display him.

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Brickset News

Brickset News logo

Recommendation: meh by iso3200

Personally I find it rather bland, but the fact remains that it's another excellent effort as far as recreating the source material. It's a devil of a figure to stand up without the base though. I respect that this is a skeleton but it feels a little more fragile and awkward compared to the solid slabs of Steve and Alex. However, if you need a Minecraft enemy at this scale, then currently this is your only choice.

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Recommendation: yes by Jang

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Brick Fanatics

Brick Fanatics logo

Recommendation: meh by Kat

21150 Skeleton BigFig with Magma Cube is a decent set with a few flaws. It is worth buying if you want the complete first series of BigFigs, but on its own is not the best LEGO Minecraft has to offer.

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