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Since Brick Insights began indexing LEGO reviews we've added 299.4 reviews each week on average. That's a bit misleading since thousands of reviews were added in bursts, but still - that's a lot of reviews! This page shows you what happened this week, since 2020-05-30. You could say it's a week of reviews in review if you wanted to be a bit cheeky.

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These sets have received extra attention, with multiple reviews for each of them. They're all from 2020 or 2021 and ought to be available for purchase.

41427-1 Emma's Fashion Shop


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Emma's Fashion Shop

41427-1 Friends 2020

  • by MeganL for Brickset News
    This set is what I'd call a typical Friends set. It's focused on shopping, which is the case for a lot of Friends sets. It highlights one of the Friends' interests, in this case Emma and design (clothes, for this shop). In that respect, the set doesn't offer much new than what's been provided in other years for similar stores. However, considering the target audience for this set isn't likely to have been familiar with Friends sets from a few years ago, this likely fills that need.
  • by LMM for FriendsBricks
    This set gives us an interesting building experience, a chance to build separate items, to play, and to arrange. This is how a LEGO shop should be. Plus, it's lovely to look at sitting in front of you -- and will look great next to any other Friends shops.
40419-1 Hogwarts Students Accessory Set


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Hogwarts Students Accessory Set

40419-1 Harry Potter 2020

  • by Tim Johnson for New Elementary
    This set features relatively few exclusive parts, and the characters are either commonplace or inconsequential, but I think that's actually the point of the set. Most customers won't be buying it for characters, but rather to amass more Hogwarts house torsos. Up to this point the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw torsos had only each appeared in a large set or a now-retired CMF, respectively, so this accessory pack is by far the most cost-effective source for an AFOL to grow their student body. Aside from the minifigures, the Marauder's Map tile is certainly the standout piece, and I'm sure there will be fans who buy the set for that piece alone!
  • B+ → 80 / 100 in a video by Just2Good
70433-1 J.B.'s Submarine


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J.B.'s Submarine

70433-1 Hidden Side 2020

  • by Flynn for The Brothers Brick
    This is a quick, fun build, but if you are looking for something a bit more complicated this might not be the set for you. However, it's sure to please younger builders and parts junkies. In particular, I really like Parker's new hairpiece, the black seaweed and the medium azure branches. The minifigures are quite nice and the combo of those plus the plant pieces make this a great set for those of us that mainly collect sets for their interesting parts.
  • by CapnRex101 for Brickset News
    Hidden Side has yielded an outstanding selection of unusual buildings and vehicles but 70433 J.B.'s Submarine is among the weaker examples. The minifigure selection is good and I like certain aspects of the underwater scenery, although I believe there was potential for more detail and this environment provides little evidence of its location underwater.
40409-1 Hot Rod


0 4

Hot Rod

40409-1 Creator 2020

  • by Rob for Brick Fanatics
    There's plenty to reward the more curious builder, from how the front and back lights are assembled, or how the engine and exhausts are built up, to how the folded leather roof is created. What could have been a simpler build is instead filled with interesting features. With the set also packing two minifigures, there's little to fault what is one of the LEGO Group's better value gifts with purchase so far this year.
  • by Allen "Tormentalous" Tran for The Brick Fan
    2020 seems to be a great year for gift-with-purchase promotions and the LEGO Hot Rod (40409) seems to fit the bill. It also puts a check mark next to another set that hits the nostalgia factor as well.
10273-1 Haunted House


2 8

Haunted House

10273-1 Creator Expert 2020

  • by Allen "Tormentalous" Tran for The Brick Fan
    The main play feature actually works very well but the chain on mine sometimes does clip on to the gear so it'll take a few turns before it goes up. One thing I don't really like about it is the repetitiveness of some of the corners and walls. The amount of references to previous LEGO sets is somewhat unexpected but a welcome addition because the story connects to the older Adventurers sets.
  • by Chris (TBB Managing Editor) for The Brothers Brick
    The Haunted House would be an excellent set, even if it had no ride inside. The details are marvelous, and like the recent Pirates of Barracuda Bay, the nostalgic throwbacks to earlier LEGO themes are a surefire hit for any fans who grew up during the 90s. The fact that it has a unique and technically complex ride in its core takes this set to the next level.
  • 4.91 / 5 by LEGO
    Luckily, I was able to order this set right away. First of all, this is a tall set. The elevator ride is great. Overall, very detailed, and from what I read, lots of Easter eggs here. My son enjoyed playing with it for hours.
  • 93 / 100 by Tom for True North Bricks
    Haunted House (10273) will hit your wallet hard at $299.99. However, the value of the set is still excellent, and you get hours of build time. Additionally, there is a lot of nostalgia built into the kit. All the Easter eggs really add to build experience. My only complaint is the small number of Minifigures for a set this large. Throwing in a few more nostalgic characters would have improved that. Minifigure statues, or a suit of armor by the entrance perhaps. Overall, I am incredibly pleased with this set and I highly recommend it.
  • by CapnRex101 for Brickset News
    10273 Haunted House could be significantly improved. Personally, I think the drop tower and the haunted house should have been created separately, thereby enabling the designer to achieve better examples of each attraction. Nevertheless, the model looks superb on display and the price of £209.99 or $249.99 seems quite reasonable in my opinion, especially since 3231 pieces are included.
42115-1 Lamborghini Sián FKP 37


2 4

Lamborghini Sián FKP 37

42115-1 Technic 2020

  • 4 / 5 by LEGO
    The Lamborghini Sian FKP is a great set for teenagers and it well worth building. As someone who owns the Bugatti and the Porche, this car fits perfectly in that category. Overall I recommend this to any teenager who would want a challenge but will also feel good to own.
  • by Huw for Brickset News
    A lot of care and attention has gone into the design and production of the box, and no doubt it's added a few pounds/bucks to the price of the set. Was it worthwhile? I think so. LEGO is a premium product and Lamborghini is a premium brand. This is probably the most premium product the company is producing this year, so to me it seems right that it does something special for it. Even if you usually recycle your boxes this is one that you'll definitely want to keep and admire from time to time.
  • 4 / 5 in a video by Paweł Kmieć for Sariel's LEGO Workshop
  • in a video by Paweł Kmieć for Sariel's LEGO Workshop
41406-1 Stephanie's Play Cube - Beauty Salon


1 3

Stephanie's Play Cube - Beauty Salon

41406-1 Friends 2020

  • by MeganL for Brickset News
    Of course, the animals are cute, though the colours are unusual. It's nice to see the minidolls in new outfits, and the builds are detailed. However, I'm left with more questions than anything else. Was there nothing else that could be used for a series other than shopping? How does a teddy bear qualify as a pet? Will Olivia make a science experiment featuring sugar? Why is an alpaca at a toy store?
  • 5 / 5 by LEGO
    Bought my daughter this toy because she was starting to show interest in Legos and especially Lego Friends. This is the perfect introduction of Lego Friends. She was so excited to build and create the playset along with being able to customize her cube with the stickers. She also loved the surprise component with the pet. I love that it all fits nicely in the cube carrying case and comes with extra pieces just in case she losses some. I will definitely be buying more of this collection. It is nice to see her using her imagination to create stories with her new toy.
21163-1 The Redstone Battle


2 3

The Redstone Battle

21163-1 Minecraft 2020

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