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Since Brick Insights began indexing LEGO reviews we've added 229.6 reviews each week on average. That's a bit misleading since thousands of reviews were added in bursts, but still - that's a lot of reviews! This page shows you what happened this week, since 2021-06-14. You could say it's a week of reviews in review if you wanted to be a bit cheeky.

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These sets have received extra attention, with multiple reviews for each of them. They're all from 2021 or 2022 and ought to be available for purchase.

71739-1 Ultra Sonic Raider


Recomended 100%

Ultra Sonic Raider

71739-1 Ninjago Legacy 2021

  • 5 / 5 by LEGO
    So, 10 years after ninjago began, we get a remake of one of the more iconic vehicles. I have no copy of the 2012 or 2016 ones, so I will not compare it to that. The minifigures in this set, are mostly new for me, as I don't actually own any legacy ninja aside from Kai, who came in the Clutch powers set (still amazing to finally get him), and the Tournament of Elements Lloyd, from the Jungle Raider. But, these minifigures are stunning, with two great hypnobrai, and the golden Zane Legacy minifigure. However, one issue I had with this set, was that Legacy Zane has a titanium head, despite not getting that head until Tournament of Elements. (I thought it was a nod to the fact that his face is destroyed partly in the battle against the great devourer.) Other than that, the minifigs are great. The Raider itself is a nice size, and unlike the first one, disassembles into four vehicles. The two tread bikes look slightly odd on their own, but the functionality works well, despite me repeatedly shooting the spring loaded shooters, but I have that issue with every set. The Jet is the main thing I have an issue with, as the mechanism to deploy the wings breaks fairly regularly, but is easy to assemble. And the connection to the bike doesn't feel sturdy, but I have managed to pick it up by only the jet, so it is assured to be sturdy. Now, the big bike at the centre is one of my favourite builds, as it occupies the first two bags, and looks good on display, with a bit of stability issues on it's own, but it makes it easier to pose and less worry about knocking it over. The build process consists of bag 1 and 2 building the main bike at the centre alongside cole and Golden Zane. 3 builds Kai and one of the snakes and the right bike, with 4 with Jay and the left bike. Bag 5 and 6 build the jet, Legacy Zane, and the final snake. Overall, I would recommend this set, as it is a stunning build, with few stickers, and is very displayable and storable, with great playability. I spent a while after and during building recreating battles with the ninja, and the snakes, with Zane unlocking the scroll of forbidden spinjitzu.
  • 0 / 5 by Brickset
40516-1 Everyone is Awesome


Indifference 50%

Everyone is Awesome

40516-1 Miscellaneous 2021

  • 4.4 / 5 by LEGO
    I bought two "Everyone is Awesome!" LEGO sets - one to build for myself to display for Pride Month and one to give away in the future as an affirming gift to a young person just coming out. Everyone is awesome and this beautiful set is a great way for us to celebrate ourselves, our loved ones, and our chosen family every year. Can't wait to build my very first LEGO set ever!
  • 4.5 / 5 by Brickset

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