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Is there a golden year of LEGO?

LEGO set rating by year


We all think back to that awesome set.

For me, it's the Battrax. That set is perfect - the play features, the colorscheme, the minifigs. In fact, the entire Blacktron I theme - and all the related sets - were great. Now that I think about it, all sets around 1987-1990 or so were awesome. Surely everyone else thinks so too?

Turns out everyone else feels this way about their own particular year. I guess nostalgia is that powerful. But since we have a lot of data we can finally figure out which year is truly the best LEGO year. Woohoo!

First, some rules:

Let's get to it!

And the best year is... 2016!

While 2016 did really well, 2001 is a bottom mark for LEGO sets. They can't all be winners.

Some of the sets that made 2016 so great

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10813-1 Big Construction Site


3 4

10813-1 Duplo 2016

Big Construction Site

70317-1 The Fortrex


4 5

70317-1 Nexo Knights 2016

The Fortrex

70318-1 The Glob Lobber


3 6

70318-1 Nexo Knights 2016

The Glob Lobber

70593-1 The Green NRG Dragon


4 6

70593-1 Ninjago 2016

The Green NRG Dragon

76063-1 Mighty Micros: The Flash vs. Captain Cold


3 5

76063-1 DC Comics Super Heroes 2016

Mighty Micros: The Flash vs. Captain Cold

31043-1 Chopper Transporter


3 4

31043-1 Creator 2016

Chopper Transporter

31053-1 Treehouse Adventures


3 6

31053-1 Creator 2016

Treehouse Adventures

31041-1 Construction Vehicles


3 5

31041-1 Creator 2016

Construction Vehicles

Turns out my childhood was mediocre...

At least from a LEGO set point of view. Jokes aside, that was a really fun exercise! I'm pretty fascinated by the range we have - the years span from 70.99 to 85.54. That's a 14.55 point difference - not neglible at all! I wonder if we can correlate this result to how LEGO as a company was doing financially. Let's explore that in the future.

Finally, a disclaimer: this result is based on our dataset, which currently includes 26119 scored reviews. The 8250 unscored reviews are not taken into account. As this dataset continues to improve we might see different results in the future. And, of course, whatever score your childhood years got doesn't change how awesome they were to you, but you knew that, right?