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71316-1 Umarak the Destroyer


Umarak the Destroyer

Umarak the Destroyer is LEGO set 71316-1. It has a score of 86. This is average compared to all other sets. It is ranked in the top 29.58% scored sets on Brick Insights. Based on 3 scored reviews, 9 reviews total. We know this set was released in 2016, and it is categorised in Bionicle.



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Scored reviews

LEGO Shop 5 / 5 → 100 / 100 4.9 / 5 → 98 / 100

Brickset 3 / 5 → 60 / 100

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Compared to other 2016 sets


Average score for 2016 is 85.13. This set has 86, which is better.

Price per part (PPP)

Average PPP for 2016 is 0.23. PPP for this set is 0.13, which is better.

This set at a glance

Set ID: 71316-1
Name: Umarak the Destroyer
Parts: 191
Retail price (USD): 24.99
PPP (USD): 0.13
Year: 2016
Category: Bionicle



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average 5 / 5 from 5 reviews

Let me start out by saying it is wonderful to get the first true titan of the bionicle reboot, and as our big bad of the year no less. While I do believe this form of Umarak has less character for him due to trading out his hunter motif in favor of being what looks to be a raging brute, it gives Makuta a lot of character, showing that he is willing to destroy the lives of those who helped him to achieve his goals. With the trans lime green coming out of the mask of control this really feels like an infection spread across his body, he looks tortured, with his legs stretched out and crystal tumors sprouting out of his arms, the one's on his lower arms could be interpreted as either crystals growing out or his bones being broken out of his wrists. He has the standard waist articulation function which is very much appreciated, but along with that his hands are geared so he can open and close them by turning the bohrok eyes attached to the sides, and along with that all three fingers can be moved, my only problem with this guy stems from the fact his feet do not have a very large range of motion and the jaw cannot close, I understand it's for the action feature of knocking off the mask but it would have been nice to be able to close it without knocking it off. Overall, I feel this is a solid set that any self respecting Bionicle fan should purchase, it i worth the price and has a great build.

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average 4.9 / 5 from 24 reviews

The lego was super cool. My nephew really loves it. It was an awesome birthday gift

This score from is an aggregate of 24 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
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bad 3 / 5 from 1 review

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Umarak is a good looking set. He's an interesting build, and has a decent amount of parts for your money, with an alright selection of new and recolored pieces. His functions aren't anything too exciting and the lack of friction in the hands is a shame. I'm not particularly fond of how the 'horns" or the new MoCo looks- but how do I feel about him when compared to the Hunter? In my opinion, the Hunter remains to be my favorite set of the year. While Umarak looks cool, I feel he's been devolved not only into a crazed monster, but also into a "standard villain" syndrome. While the Hunter was a really cool Wendigo inspired being, the Destroyer is just a juiced up beast, and I would have liked to have seen something that retained more of that Wendigo look. But that's all personal preference and a comparison, as a set the Destroyer is a decent set and a worthy purchase in my opinion.

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by Benjamin

Umarak the Destroyer is a huge set worthy of his price point. He is menacing, monstrous, and can do everything better than his first iteration can. For $25, a little enticement needs to be made to settle on the purchase, but between his complex build and great assortment of parts, especially the trans-neon green pieces, there is no difficulty in the matter. Umarak the Destroyer should make another nice addition to your Bionicle display and then, probably later, parts collection.

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by Jang

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BS01 logo

by Dorek

Umarak is definitely a win for the line; the design is so intrinsically "BIONICLE" that it's a solid appeal to both old and new fans. A well laid out color scheme plus a keen attention to detail in reflecting elements of his older design result in a well thought out and ultimately fun to play with set, and he's the largest single figure the line has seen to date. He's definitely not without his flaws; the most severe of which is a lack of articulation. It's hard to see how the hands could have necessarily been designed to have more flexibility, but the locked joints on the heels, as well as the stiff neck, are things that seem like they could have been rectified even on the budget. But at a lower price point than Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder from last year, Umarak has got a lot of value, and it's definitely worth picking up.

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Brickset News

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by TheOneVeyronian

While the gaps and the other faults do bother me and would have preferred to have them filled out with a few extra panels and shells, most are relatively easy fixes with a little modifying, or they are faults shared with most of the other sets in the wave . Whether you are looking for a big, hulking villain to fight your Toa, a centrepiece for your BIONICLE G2 collection or just want a large CCBS figure, I do recommend this set, especially along with 71312 Ekimu the Mask Maker for Umarak the Destroyer to fight with.

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New Elementary

New Elementary logo

by caperberry

Umarak the Destroyer shares some obvious design cues with Umarak the Hunter, such as his Technic-based lower leg construction, Shadow Trap shoulder armor, and skeletal torso shell. However, where Umarak the Hunter had a limber physique, upright posture, and humanoid proportions, Umarak the Destroyer is a hulking brute, standing 33 modules/10¼ inches/26.4 centimeters tall and armed with huge, animalistic-looking claws. Just as last year's Skull Spiders and Skull Warriors were reminiscent of the Skulltulas and Stalfos of The Legend of Zelda, so is Umarak's transformation from scheming Hunter to colossal Destroyer reminiscent of the wicked Ganondorf's transformation into the monstrous Ganon. The power of the Mask of Control has corrupted Umarak, or perhaps transformed him into a better reflection of the darkness in his heart.

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