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40341-1 Sea Accessories


Sea Accessories

Sea Accessories is LEGO set 40341-1. It has a score of 73. This is average compared to all other sets. The set is recommended by 3 reviews, based on 8 scored reviews and 19 reviews total. It is ranked in the bottom 23.01% scored sets on Brick Insights. We know this set was released in 2019, and it is categorised in Xtra.

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Average rating



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Indifference 59%




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Price Per Part (PPP)

Average PPP for System in 2019 is 0.12. PPP for this set is 0.17, which is worse.

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Price Per Minifig (PPM)

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Review breakdown

Scored reviews Recommendation: yes 5 / 5 → 100 / 100

LEGO Recommendation: meh 4.89 / 5 → 98 / 100

The Rambling Brick Recommendation: yes 4.5 / 5 → 90 / 100

BrickNerd Recommendation: no 4 / 5 → 80 / 100

Brickset Recommendation: meh 3.8 / 5 → 76 / 100

Brick Architect Recommendation: meh 3 / 5 → 60 / 100

Playing with Bricks Recommendation: no 4 / 10 → 40 / 100

Just2Good Recommendation: no D+ → 40 / 100

Unscored reviews

Brickfinder Recommendation: meh

HispaBrick Magazine Recommendation: meh

Bricksfanz Recommendation: meh

The Brick Fan


BricktasticBlog Recommendation: yes

The Brothers Brick Recommendation: meh

New Elementary Recommendation: no

Rebrickable Recommendation: meh

Brickset News Recommendation: meh

Eurobricks Recommendation: meh

Set information

Set ID: 40341-1
Name: Sea Accessories
Parts: 24

Retail price (USD):
Original: 3.99
Inflation adjusted: 3.99

Price Per Part (USD):
Original: 0.17
Inflation adjusted: 0.17

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Recommendation: yes 5 / 5 from 3 reviews

One of my Favorite Lego Add ons!

This score from is an aggregate of 3 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
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LEGO logo

Recommendation: meh 4.89 / 5 from 9 reviews

Well, not only did I get what I saw, but I got an extra piece for every part of the harpoon, giving me two harpoons; plus an extra star, flipper, and gemstone. Great little pack of goodies, plus the surfboard and flippers match and fit into my Lamborghini Urus!

This score from LEGO is an aggregate of 9 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
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The Rambling Brick

The Rambling Brick logo

Recommendation: yes 4.5 / 5 by Richard

I love the life that this little polybag adds to our scene: I found myself a little bemused at the combination of historical (eg treasure chest), old barrel and contemporary (buoy , fins, surfboard) elements. However they are all useful and can be used with other elements.

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BrickNerd logo

Recommendation: no 4 / 5 by Tommy

I just like the fact that this series of polybags is catered to putting curated selections of parts that go together in the hands of builders, saving a lot of heartache and money (not to mention time on Bricklink and waiting for orders to ship). And there's just enough rarer parts to make them really desirable. About my only complaint of this particular set is it seems really pirate theme slanted, in which case the buoy and surfboard seem out of place. I think it could use some more contemporary nautical parts perhaps to make it more “sea", or ditch the other parts and go full pirate.

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Brickset logo

Recommendation: meh 3.8 / 5 from 1 review

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Brick Architect

Brick Architect logo

Recommendation: meh 3 / 5 by Christine Coste

I did notice that the Parrot (Part 27062 / Element 6178520) is multi-colored, with a unique mix of blue and yellow plastic. The parrot I received had a lot of of yellow, which I didn't find appealing, because I know that in real life that the blue and yellow macaw (on which this bird is presumably modelled) has a consistent coloring with blue wings and back. (Because the bag is clear, you might be able to look for the perfect parrot in the store before purchasing the set.)

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Playing with Bricks

Playing with Bricks logo

Recommendation: no 4 / 10 by Nachos Grande

For kids, I think that this set is superior to the other LEGO Xtra set that I looked at. At least here you get some animals which make for fun play. The shark piece is particular nice and I remember loving having sharks for my oceans back when I played with LEGO as a kid! On the other hand, I think this set is inferior to the other Xtra polybag when looked at from an adult perspective. Unless you really want to build your own Pirate or maritime LEGO layout/theme, there isn't all that much here that will be useful to you.

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Just2Good logo

Recommendation: no D+ → 40 / 100

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Brickfinder logo

Recommendation: meh at Brickfinder

I really love these Xtra polybags as they are relatively cheap for the average AFOL and it gives you access to pieces and elements that you would not normally get outside of a LEGO set.

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HispaBrick Magazine

HispaBrick Magazine logo

Recommendation: meh by lluisgib

This set of accessories is a good complement to a maritime diorama. For a price of € 3.99 we get an interesting assortment. The shark and the parrot stand out. The piece/price ratio is 16.6 cents, but many of them are large, so it does not seem far-fetched.

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Bricksfanz logo

Recommendation: meh by Adam White

The Xtra sets are a great way to get some rarish elements and well a being able to bring further details to your LEGO builds. They are particularly useful for MOC builders and those who like to create their own city scenes.

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The Brick Fan

The Brick Fan logo

by Allen "Tormentalous" Tran

The LEGO xtra Sea Accessories (40341) is a a decent parts pack that gives a variety of water-related items.

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FriendsBricks logo

by dr_spock_888

This xtra set is a good way to add a marine theme to your creations and sets. It has value for the pirate builders or those who want to build an army of sharks with lasers.

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BricktasticBlog logo

Recommendation: yes by John

Interestingly, the front of the bag shows that there is only one spear, but there's enough in the bag to build two. This little set is extremely simple, and a good option if you want to flesh out your displays, especially if you have a beach or ocean area in your display. I'd recommend picking some up on January 15, when they become available.

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The Brothers Brick

The Brothers Brick logo

Recommendation: meh by Edwinder

It's great that LEGO has been issuing themed-based accessory packs. It gives immediate access to some extras for that City theme for kids during play, especially for those with smaller collections. The bits and pieces all relate to themes around seas and oceans and would play together nicely with the Sea Playmat.

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New Elementary

New Elementary logo

Recommendation: no by Tim Johnson

There is something a bit fishy about this Xtra set though; the parts are not quite so useful as those found in other sets in the range and I am not sure I would be tempted to buy a copy myself.

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Rebrickable logo

Recommendation: meh by Reviews

It's a nice little set. Not very special, but it can be useful for anyone that has a shoreline in their LEGO City. It's a lot more specific than previous XTRA sets, so I think this one will not be sold as much as the previous sets in the series.

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Brickset News

Brickset News logo

Recommendation: meh by Huw

Overall, a nice set of parts that are the perfect accompaniment to 60153 People Pack - Fun at the Beach.

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Eurobricks logo

Recommendation: meh by Holodoc

With less than 4 €/$ it's good value for your money, easily affordable and a good addition to your cities beach/ocean layout. An it was fun to play around with the parts to make the photos!

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