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Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat is LEGO set 40436-1. It has a score of 94. This is good compared to all other sets. The set is recommended by 3 reviews, based on 3 scored reviews and 8 reviews total. It is ranked in the top 5.52% scored sets on Brick Insights. We know this set was released in 2020, and it is categorised in BrickHeadz.

40436-1 Lucky Cat

Average rating



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Thumbs 63%




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Price Per Part (PPP)

Average PPP for System in 2020 is 0.12. PPP for this set is 0.07, which is better.

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Price Per Minifig (PPM)

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Review breakdown

Scored reviews

Brickset Recommendation: yes 5 / 5 → 100 / 100

LEGO Recommendation: meh 4.56 / 5 → 91 / 100

Just2Good Recommendation: yes A → 90 / 100

Unscored reviews

New Elementary Recommendation: meh

The Brothers Brick Recommendation: meh

Bricksfanz Recommendation: meh

The Brick Fan Recommendation: yes

Brickset News Recommendation: meh

Set information

Set ID: 40436-1
Name: Lucky Cat
Parts: 134

Retail price (USD):
Original: 9.99
Inflation adjusted: 9.99

Price Per Part (USD):
Original: 0.07
Inflation adjusted: 0.07

2020 BrickHeadz

Brickset LEGO Amazon


Brickset logo

Recommendation: yes 5 / 5 from 1 review

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LEGO logo

Recommendation: meh 4.56 / 5 from 9 reviews

This was my first Lego piece. It was fun to build and wasn't too expensive either. I'd definitely buy more.

This score from LEGO is an aggregate of 9 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
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Just2Good logo

Recommendation: yes A → 90 / 100

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New Elementary

New Elementary logo

Recommendation: meh by Tim Johnson

If you collect the BrickHeadz, you will get these anyway. They are solid work and look good! For everyone else, these sets don't bring too much value.

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The Brothers Brick

The Brothers Brick logo

Recommendation: meh by Rod

If you're into bricks more than the subject matter, the Cat isn't much of a parts pack. Other than the single printed tile there weren't any exciting pieces which got my blood pumping. However, it's a nice enough model and I enjoyed putting it together.

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Bricksfanz logo

Recommendation: meh by Adam White

As a fan, it's nice to see them continue into 2020, what's even more impressive is LEGO are still finding things to used for seasonal releases. Although they have only just started to focus on Chinese New Year, obviously to cater for their growing Chinese market, the Lucky Cat is a fun little set and a nice addition to the ever growing range.

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The Brick Fan

The Brick Fan logo

Recommendation: yes by Allen "Tormentalous" Tran

Overall, the LEGO BrickHeadz Lucky Cat (40436) is my favorite out of this first wave of 2020 sets. The back of the instructions show some other Seasonal BrickHeadz sets that will be coming out soon including the Valentine's Bear (40379) also coming out in January and the Sheep (40380) coming in February, both of which we've already seen before. With Chinese New Year coming on January 25, the Lucky Cat makes a perfect gift for kids and adults alike. I'll definitely be getting a couple more when they become available in a few weeks.

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Brickset News

Brickset News logo

Recommendation: meh by Huw

I do like a good BrickHeadz particularly those, like this one, that push the boundaries of the design and introduce something new and interesting. As I say in conclusion to BrickHeadz reviews, It won't win over detractors of the theme but those that love the blocky characters will find a lot to like in this set.

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