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Compact Crawler Crane

Compact Crawler Crane is LEGO set 42097-1. It has a score of 73. This is average compared to all other sets. The set is recommended by 1 reviews, based on 4 scored reviews and 7 reviews total. It is ranked in the bottom 21.3% scored sets on Brick Insights. We know this set was released in 2019, and it is categorised in Technic.

42097-1 Compact Crawler Crane

Average rating



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Avoid 43%




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Price Per Part (PPP)

Average PPP for Technic in 2019 is 0.13. PPP for this set is 0.11, which is better.

All prices are in $USD, adjusted for inflation. This set is compared to other sets categorised as Technic. Read more about this in our article about price comparisons.

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Price Per Minifig (PPM)

We do not currently know how the average price per minifig for this set compares to other sets.

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Review breakdown

Scored reviews Recommendation: yes 4.9 / 5 → 98 / 100

LEGO Recommendation: no 3.78 / 5 → 76 / 100

Sariel's LEGO Workshop Recommendation: no 3 / 5 → 60 / 100

Brickset Recommendation: no 3 / 5 → 60 / 100

Unscored reviews

Brickset News Recommendation: meh

Brick Fanatics Recommendation: meh

New Elementary Recommendation: meh

Set information

Set ID: 42097-1
Name: Compact Crawler Crane
Parts: 920

Retail price (USD):
Original: 99.99
Inflation adjusted: 99.99

Price Per Part (USD):
Original: 0.11
Inflation adjusted: 0.11

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Brickset LEGO Amazon logo

Recommendation: yes 4.9 / 5 from 30 reviews

I bought this for my son for his twelfth birthday. I thought it would be a bit of a stretch for him to build by himself; he wanted the challenge. He finished it within several hours on his own. It's a nice looking set with a lot of features such as retractable legs, extending crane, and moving tracks. My son loves it.

This score from is an aggregate of 30 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
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LEGO logo

Recommendation: no 3.78 / 5 from 9 reviews

My son is only 8 and he built it by himself. I only helped once. He likes the tracks and that it can lift really heavy things. He likes putting it on a table and lift things from the floor. Overall he is happy with it.

This score from LEGO is an aggregate of 9 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
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Sariel's LEGO Workshop

Sariel's LEGO Workshop logo

Recommendation: no 3 / 5 by Paweł Kmieć

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Brickset logo

Recommendation: no 3 / 5 from 1 review

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Brickset News

Brickset News logo

Recommendation: meh by Huw

There's nothing complex, technically impressive about it so I suspect it'll be a set that most Technic fans will overlook, particularly as it will be overshadowed by other far more compelling models released at the same time or later this year, which introduce us to Control+.

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Brick Fanatics

Brick Fanatics logo

Recommendation: meh by Dimitri

The fact that this is a Technic set that has never been done before should pique the interest of some fans but perhaps doesn't offer enough of a challenge to appeal to everyone. It is still fun to play with and younger fans will no doubt get a kick out of all the moving parts – but it feels a lot flimsier than it should and it is hard to shake the feeling that this is a set that feels somewhat lacking.

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New Elementary

New Elementary logo

Recommendation: meh by Tim Johnson

This is a love-it-or-hate-it set, depending on what you intend to do with it. If you want it for parts, you'll like it: it has many unusual and useful elements for its size and in a “regular", plentiful colour. The lack of sprockets, though, is a disappointment. You won't like it if, on the other hand, you want it to play with it: you'll have to fiddle with a cluster of controls to operate. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the stabilisers are rather flimsily affixed to the chassis, which makes them unsuitable to support the crane when lifting heavy loads.

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