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Minifigure Collector Frame

Minifigure Collector Frame is LEGO set 5005359-1. It doesn't have a score so far. The set is recommended by 0 reviews, based on 1 scored review and 4 reviews total. We know this set was released in 2018, and it is categorised in Miscellaneous.


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5005359-1 Minifigure Collector Frame

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Brick Architect 2 / 5 → 40 / 100

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Brickset News


The Brick Fan


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Set information

Set ID: 5005359-1
Name: Minifigure Collector Frame
Parts: 55
Minifigs: 1

2018 Miscellaneous

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Brick Architect

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Recommendation: no bad 2 / 5 by Tom Alphin

It is hard to recommend the LEGO Minifigure Display Frame as a product to seek out, because it is a cheaply made product which won't hold up to extended use, and I think the uneven gaps in the columns look weird. Further, I strongly recommend storage solutions which keep dust off your prized LEGO Minifigures.

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Brickset News

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by MeganL

This is a good basic minifigure display case for standard minifigures. I wouldn't say that it's a practical alternative for some of the more ornate CMFs because of the lack of depth of the stands. Also, because there is no front window, dust will also be an issue for minifigs displayed over time. I do like that a baseplate is used so that the stands can be moved around as needed. I didn't take pictures, but this frame can be used for mini-dolls, too.

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The Brick Fan

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by Allen "Tormentalous" Tran

Overall, the LEGO Minifigure Collector Frame (5005359) is a decent promotional gift. If you purchased some of the previous minifigure frames like the Marvel Super Heroes (853611) or The LEGO Batman Movie (853638) ones, they're pretty much the same thing however this new one is unbranded so you can put whatever minifigure on it and it'll fit. Also the dark gray baseplate on the black frame looks really good. There are also some things that I don't like about it. One is the lack of a front cover, whether it be a piece of glass or plastic. It'll definitely attract a lot of dust unless you're routinely dusting it. Another thing I think could've been better is a larger stand. Using the 2×2 tiles is fine but with larger minifigures, they will not fit so extending it one more stud would be ideal.

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