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70792-1 Skull Slicer


Skull Slicer

Skull Slicer is LEGO set 70792-1. It has a score of 85. This is average compared to all other sets. The set is recommended by 0 reviews, based on 3 scored reviews and 10 reviews total. It is ranked in the top 28.07% scored sets on Brick Insights. We know this set was released in 2015, and it is categorised in Bionicle.

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Set information

Set ID: 70792-1
Name: Skull Slicer
Parts: 71

Retail price (USD):
Original: 14.99
Inflation adjusted: 16.17

Price Per Part (USD):
Original: 0.21
Inflation adjusted: 0.23

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Recommendation: meh 4.6 / 5 from 5 reviews

Skull Slicer was interesting, With four deadly arms and neon green/chrome colors easily one of the best sets in my opinion. The Skull Slicer comes armed with 3 deadly swords and a chain with a nasty ability to grab the masks of Toa (specifically Lewa's). Unfortunately the Skull Slicers own mask leaves a little bit more to be desired aesthetically, I wish there was some back story to see as WHY he has just a Skull Spider mask and not his own unique masks and facial adornments like the other characters in this Wave (maybe he was some lost warrior who was a Victim of one of the Lord of Skull Spiders who was stuck under Skull Grinder's command?) . With no reason though,The Skull Spider mask just seems...well...a bit recycled and boring. The rest of the figure aesthetically is great, with an excellent color scheme and a menacing appearance. As to the Action feature of this figure well it's nothing new but the idea of using 3 swords (VS. two or one weapon) is kind of cool, furthermore you can attach the Mask Stealer on the Masks of the Toa (or Protectors) and "Steal" their masks using the same feature. Personally I think that's pretty cool about this figure. Overall the Skull Slicer has a great action feature, lots of playability and is a great addition to the Bionicle series, but as stated previously without some kind of story to go along with it, I'm not a fan of the re-use of the Skull Spiders mask. 4/5 from me.

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Recommendation: meh 4.4 / 5 from 73 reviews

I brought this upon request from my nephew as a birthday gift period when he received it he lost his mind he's a big fan of this Tori brand. This shipping was fast and expedient when I use Amazon Prime I was able to get it to him in another state on his birthday which made the purchase even better exclamation point I even brought additional pieces to complement this one of course it that was per instructions from my nephew as well.

This score from is an aggregate of 73 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
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Recommendation: meh 3.8 / 5 from 3 reviews

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New Elementary

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by caperberry

Skull Slicer might initially look less interesting than the other Skull Villains due to the relative lack of armor shells as well as his lack of a new or unique mask (reusing the Skull Spider mask seen earlier this year), but he still has a great parts selection thanks to his plethora of weapons and new bones. Function-wise, he uses the standard gearbox seen on all of the Toa and several of the other Skull enemies, but mixes things up with gearing that allows all four of his arms to move in unison (with both right arms and his lower-left arm rotating one way while his upper-left arm rotates the opposite direction). This is a wonderful function, though his “mask grabber" chain weapon can easily get tangled up with his arms if you swing them too quickly.

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by Jang

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BZPower logo

by Jason

Skull Slicer is indeed an interesting villain, but not the most intimidating to ever go against the Toa. His gear function is fun, up to the point where he gets wrapped up in his own chains. But if you can avoid that, then his three swords will slice through the air in a very satisfactorily way. As a parts pack, he does come with a lot of great pieces, like the new bone limbs, swords, and trans bright green limbs. The trans bright green / gold Mask of Jungle is a great addition, although I wouldn't say the same about the reused silver Skull Spider mask. If you enjoy the pieces or the function, then he'll be worth it. Otherwise, some of the other summer villains might be more to your taste.

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This is such an evil-looking set, the Mask of Skull Spiders is downright terrifying with those orange eyes and creepy skeletal arms. I'm certain it's possible to make modifications if the gears really bother you, but this is such a good looking set, your 2015 collection could not be considered complete without it.

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by Dorek

The Skull villains thus far have been really great at capturing the "old BIONICLE" feel, almost even moreso than the winter waves! Skull Slicer distinguishes himself with a gearbox design that should melt the frozen heart of any cynical genwunner. However, beyond that, he doesn't have much unique to offer, aside from a well-laid color scheme. He's almost the opposite of Skull Warrior in that regard - innovative in build, less emphasis on the quirks and personality. It's hard to fault consistency though, and Skull Slicer is still a solid choice.

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Brickset News

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by Huw

I'm not keen on his asymmetry, I would have liked 'shoulder pads' for both upper arms. I don't care much for the chest plate either if I'm honest, it looks a little out of place and covers up the more impressive rib cage piece beneath it.

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I really like Skull Slicer. He doesn't have a lot of armor or much in the way of limb design, but he has an interesting finished look and a function that works well without really interesting with the set or how it looks. He weapons are simple and are fitting- really the only thing I'm not a fan of here is in regards to the colors. I wish his mask was dark pearl gray, and if they insist on giving us trans neon orange, I would have appreciated having another bit or two of it on him. Other than that, I would recommend him about as much as I would Skull Warrior- that is, I'd get these guys after you pick up Ekimu and Kulta, and before you think about Scorpio or Basher.

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