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75099-1 Rey's Speeder


Rey's Speeder

Rey's Speeder is LEGO set 75099-1. It has a score of 78. This is average compared to all other sets. The set is recommended by 2 reviews, based on 14 scored reviews and 20 reviews total. It is ranked in the bottom 42.67% scored sets on Brick Insights. We know this set was released in 2015, and it is categorised in Star Wars.

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Price Per Part (PPP)

Average PPP for System in 2015 is 0.12. PPP for this set is 0.11, which is better.

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Price Per Minifig (PPM)

Average PPM for System in 2015 is 15.07. PPM for this set is 10.79, which is better.

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Review breakdown

Scored reviews Recommendation: meh 4.7 / 5 → 94 / 100

The Brick Fan Recommendation: meh 4.5 / 5 → 90 / 100

Just2Good Recommendation: yes A → 90 / 100

LEGO Recommendation: meh 4.36 / 5 → 87 / 100

Eurobricks Recommendation: meh 8.5 / 10 → 85 / 100

ttpm Recommendation: no 4 / 5 → 80 / 100

From Bricks To Bothans Recommendation: yes 4 / 5 → 80 / 100

Jay's Brick Blog Recommendation: meh 4 / 5 → 80 / 100

Brickset Recommendation: meh 3.9 / 5 → 78 / 100

Vaderfan2187's Blog Recommendation: meh 3.6 / 5 → 72 / 100

Blocks Magazine Recommendation: no 67 / 100 → 67 / 100

Eurobricks Recommendation: no 6.3 / 10 → 63 / 100

All about the brick Recommendation: no 6 / 10 → 60 / 100

Brickpicker Recommendation: no 5.97 / 10 → 60 / 100

Unscored reviews

Brickset News


The Brothers Brick




Set information

Set ID: 75099-1
Name: Rey's Speeder
Parts: 193
Minifigs: 2

Retail price (USD):
Original: 19.99
Inflation adjusted: 21.56

Price Per Part (USD):
Original: 0.10
Inflation adjusted: 0.11

Price Per Minifig (USD):
Original: 10.00
Inflation adjusted: 10.79

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Recommendation: meh 4.7 / 5 from 266 reviews

I've been getting back into LEGOs, just to start a collection, especially the new and old sets that Disney is now releasing since taking over the Star Wars franchise. This was my first purchase to get back into it and I must say that I am quite pleased. After putting the kit together, the end product was a decent size and the resemblance to the actual speeder was pretty close. Now that my formal review is done... THIS SPEEDER LEGO SET IS SO AWESOME!! And Rey looks amazing, it comes with both her hair and her scavenger helmet/goggles. If you are a LEGO and Star Wars fan, then this is definitely a kit you must have!

This score from is an aggregate of 266 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
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The Brick Fan

The Brick Fan logo

Recommendation: meh 4.5 / 5 by Allen "Tormentalous" Tran

LEGO did a good job replicating the vehicle seen in the trailer. There are a lot of SNOT techniques used to give the speeder the sleek look however there are some things that kind of bug me. There are some spots that still have studs exposed and it throws off the overall look a little including the ones on the side panels, top, and front of the speeder. Either way, I think the set is still a good pickup and it'll probably play an important part in the upcoming movie.

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Just2Good logo

Recommendation: yes A → 90 / 100

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LEGO logo

Recommendation: meh 4.36 / 5 from 72 reviews

This set is really nice and a good way to start off your Force Awakens Lego collection. Albeit it's quite small it's design is good and you get two amazing minifigures. The build is quite easy and you get a good selection of parts in dark red which is a very movie accurate colour. The design is similar to the film but it would have been nice if Rey's scavenging net had been included. Also the stud shooters on the side are a fun addition but I think they detract from the overall shape of the speeder. If you turn the speeder on it's side then it's shape is actually quite similar to Luke's land speeder. There are some stickers to apply but they do add to the detail of the speeder. A fun feature is that when you twist the bottom engine, the side of the speeder opens, revealing a storage compartment inside. On the outside of the speeder are scavenging supplies for Rey - a blaster, a pair of binoculars and a saw. The two minifigures included are both movie accurate and the attention to detail in their printing is amazing! Rey comes in her simple Jakku outfit with her stick and shoulder bag. Rey's triple bun hairpiece is a new piece and is completely movie accurate. Her scavenging mask is just like the movie although it does seem a bit oversized. If you've seen the film then you'll know who Unkar's thug is and why he's included in this set. Again amazing detail and a gold crowbar is quite unusual. This set is really good and although it's small and not entirely movie accurate, I think it is worth having in any Force Awakens Lego collection.

This score from LEGO is an aggregate of 72 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
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Eurobricks logo

Recommendation: meh 8.5 / 10 by def

There's a lot to like about it. It's not a great value, and it feels like the LEGO GROUP is testing the price points with this series. That said, this set won't break the bank, and looks a lot more iconic than any other Force Awakens set that isn't clearly based on Original Trilogy vehicles.

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ttpm logo

Recommendation: no 4 / 5

This small set brings the action of the movie home and lets fans recreate movie scenes or stage and play out original ideas. The small size also complements a large display and the Thug minifigure is great for adding to mob dioramas.

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From Bricks To Bothans

From Bricks To Bothans logo

Recommendation: yes 4 / 5 by Nick Martin

Ultimately, when it comes to value, this is a solid little set. $20 for 193 parts is pretty good, especially compared to pretty much the rest of the Force Awakens lineup. We also get Rey, and while she's not unique to this set (though her dust cover is), the only other set with her will run you $150.

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Jay's Brick Blog

Jay's Brick Blog logo

Recommendation: meh 4 / 5 by Jay

If you're new to LEGO Star Wars, especially if you've been caught up in the hype generated by The Force Awakens, Rey's Speeder is an awesome gateway set into the world of LEGO Star Wars.

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Brickset logo

Recommendation: meh 3.9 / 5 from 13 reviews

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Vaderfan2187's Blog

Vaderfan2187's Blog logo

Recommendation: meh 3.6 / 5 by Vaderfan2187

This is a great set to have and has nice minifigures. But it's not without flaws. [...] It should be round at the front, instead of being rectangular like the LEGO version is. Understandably this would have been hard to achieve, but MOC builders have been able to do so using mudguard pieces. In addition, Rey stores scavenged material in a net in the side of her speeder. The LEGO version uses clips, which have a look that is far too clean. It would have been great if they had used a net to cover up the scavenged material.

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Blocks Magazine

Blocks Magazine logo

Recommendation: no 67 / 100

75099 Rey's Speeder was reviewed in issue 13 of Blocks Magazine.

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Eurobricks logo

Recommendation: no 6.3 / 10 by WhiteFang

I love the Speeder design and Rey minifigure especially the new sand goggle. It is really a fine speeder which is well represented in a desert looking planet. However, the pricing really turns me off for the price per parts ratio and only two minifigures in this set. It is very disappointing to see the price at such a high note.

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All about the brick

All about the brick logo

Recommendation: no 6 / 10 by Rusty

The small compact nature of this Speeder will make it instantly playable to children. I've already had my daughter running around making car noises as she played with it. However, the choice of the Unkur Thug minifigure, missing net feature from the movie and original price point makes this set rate more on the average side.

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Brickpicker logo

Recommendation: no 5.97 / 10 from 3 reviews

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Brickset News

Brickset News logo

by CapnRex101

If you are looking to buy one of the new Star Wars sets but don't want to spend a great deal of money, this is certainly the set to go for. If you are instead planning to buy some of the larger sets, I still think this one is worthy of consideration as the speeder is excellent and no Jakku display will be complete without it.

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by Jang

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The Brothers Brick

The Brothers Brick logo

by Andrew

The set certainly isn't perfect, but for both the figs and all that dark red in useful shapes, I think there's value for the money, and I certainly don't regret my purchase today. In fact, I'd ordered one online first thing in the morning before I went to lunch near a LEGO Store and picked one up, so the one that arrives on Sunday will be guiltlessly parted out.

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Diskingdom logo

by Travis D.

I really like this build, and my introduction into the Force Awakens line of Lego builds. I'm already looking to see which other builds I want to add to my collection. I am loving the idea of collecting the Minifigs, at least, but sometimes it's cheaper to just get the builds that they go with instead of paying after-market for them.

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Rebrickable logo

by msx

I liked this model a lot. Maybe it will not be one of the most memorable, but it's excellently designed and very original. Rey is likely to be a key character in the movie, so collectors will be "forced" to buy this set, but i think non-hardcore starwars fan will be satisfied too.

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BZPower logo

by Andrew

Rey's Speeder is a lot like most good licensed sets: Though not perfectly screen accurate, it does a good job conveying the feel of it. Sure, it would have been more accurate if LEGO used a bike chassis so Rey would actually be riding it proper and not sitting atop it, but, hey, at the end of the day, it works.

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