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Anakin's Podracer – 20th Anniversary Edition

Anakin's Podracer – 20th Anniversary Edition is LEGO set 75258-1. It has a score of 83. This is average compared to all other sets. The set is recommended by 3 reviews, based on 6 scored reviews and 11 reviews total. It is ranked in the top 41.81% scored sets on Brick Insights. We know this set was released in 2019, and it is categorised in Star Wars.

75258-1 Anakin's Podracer – 20th Anniversary Edition

Average rating



We calculate the average rating when we've found two or more scored reviews. This set is average compared to all other sets. Read more about the ratings distribution chart here.


Indifference 64%




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Price Per Part (PPP)

Average PPP for System in 2019 is 0.12. PPP for this set is 0.11, which is better.

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Price Per Minifig (PPM)

Average PPM for System in 2019 is 16.84. PPM for this set is 10, which is better.

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PPM only takes the number of minifigs into account and discards everything else. It's a guide, not a rule.

Review breakdown

Scored reviews

ttpm Recommendation: yes 5 / 5 → 100 / 100

LEGO Recommendation: meh 4.77 / 5 → 95 / 100 Recommendation: meh 4.7 / 5 → 94 / 100

Brickset Recommendation: meh 4 / 5 → 80 / 100

Vaderfan2187's Blog Recommendation: meh 3.3 / 5 → 66 / 100

Just2Good Recommendation: no C+ → 60 / 100

Unscored reviews

The Brothers Brick Recommendation: meh

Brick Fanatics Recommendation: yes

JANGBRiCKS Recommendation: meh

The Brick Fan Recommendation: meh

Brickset News Recommendation: yes

Set information

Set ID: 75258-1
Name: Anakin's Podracer – 20th Anniversary Edition
Parts: 279
Minifigs: 3

Retail price (USD):
Original: 29.99
Inflation adjusted: 29.99

Price Per Part (USD):
Original: 0.11
Inflation adjusted: 0.11

Price Per Minifig (USD):
Original: 10.00
Inflation adjusted: 10

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ttpm logo

Recommendation: yes 5 / 5

As always, LEGO nails it and kids will love re- enacting scenes from the Star Wars films.

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LEGO logo

Recommendation: meh 4.77 / 5 from 26 reviews

Not the hardest build and there could be a bit better articulation on the inlet flaps of the engines but it looks great and you can play with it with ease and won't easily break. It also looks great. Love the clear stand.

This score from LEGO is an aggregate of 26 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
Read reviews logo

Recommendation: meh 4.7 / 5 from 10 reviews

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Brickset logo

Recommendation: meh 4 / 5 from 8 reviews

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Vaderfan2187's Blog

Vaderfan2187's Blog logo

Recommendation: meh 3.3 / 5 by Vaderfan2187

It's honestly not a very exciting set. It does what it does and it's okay, but there's nothing that's really standout about it. The Anakin and Padmé figures are fine but kind of boring (especially the Anakin one) and the 20th Anniversary commemorative Luke minifigure is probably the least interesting one out of all the commemorative minifigures. The build is okay but there's just not too much to do with it after you fly it around. The price is standard stuff but there's honestly not too much value that – as far as I see – can be enjoyed from here.

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Just2Good logo

Recommendation: no C+ → 60 / 100

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The Brothers Brick

The Brothers Brick logo

Recommendation: meh by Edwinder

As a fan of podracers, this build did not disappoint. The best part about re-releases of Star Wars vehicles is that they benefit in terms of accuracy from the new parts issued. And even though sometimes they are subtle and minor changes, the outcome makes a huge difference. There are enough unique and new parts in this set to make it a refreshing build of a vehicle that's not been repeated very often over the theme's tenure. Over and above, both Anakin and Amidala are new prints which warrant a buy for minifigure collectors. For the rest of us, the exclusive classic Luke may be a good enough reason.

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Brick Fanatics

Brick Fanatics logo

Recommendation: yes by Dimitri

This is an incredibly enjoyable experience from start to finish, it's clear a lot of love and care has been put into this set. The finished Podracer not only has a great design but the clear Technic bars create a hovering look that allows it to look absolutely spot on when displayed. With the stand it balances on its own and fans can even use the bottom stand as a handle giving the Podracer a lot of swooshability.

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Recommendation: meh by Jang

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The Brick Fan

The Brick Fan logo

Recommendation: meh by Allen "Tormentalous" Tran

The updated design looks a lot better than the simple looking one from 1999. The minifigures are updated as well and use the flesh tone heads and hands. Probably the main thing that people will will looking forward to is the exclusive Luke minifigure with the anniversary printing on the torso.

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Brickset News

Brickset News logo

Recommendation: yes by CapnRex101

Podracers are interesting vehicles and 75258 Anakin's Podracer - 20th Anniversary Edition is certainly my favourite model of Anakin's craft. The mechanical detail on the engines is outstanding and I like the updated energy binders. Furthermore, the Technic frame provides ample support and includes a useful handle, taking inspiration from the 2011 set which was similarly constructed.

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