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Unknown is a LEGO category that had 11 sets released in 2019 & 2021. This page details statistics of this theme, derived from all of the reviews Brick Insights has gathered and interpreted. You'll find a breakdown of the following:

No average rating yet

Brick Insights hasn't been able to score any sets in this category yet. That usually means it's a recently released category. Check back soon for updates.

Recommendation distribution

Alright, so that's the rating. But are the sets generally recommended? The data we've collected shows that the majority of Unknown sets are considered up to personal taste:

Indifference 50%




Total: 2 / 11

Not all sets in our database are marked as recommended or not. We currently have 9 sets in Unknown that are considered unknown. They are excluded from these calculations.

A set is considered recommended when the majority of reviews recommend it. If you're interested in knowing when a review is considered a recommendation, I keep that reasoning updated in Brick Insights FAQ. I've also written an article detailing the recommendation distribution of all reviews.


Since part prices vary a lot depending on part types, Brick Insights attempts to group similar categories together. We call these meta-categories comparable categories. Unknown is bundled into Other along with these:

The average price per part (PPP) of all Other sets is 0.95. The average PPP for Unknown is .

Unknown prices over the years

All prices are adjusted for inflation.