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Attack on Avengers Tower

Attack on Avengers Tower is LEGO set 76038-1. It has a score of 86. This is average compared to all other sets. The set is recommended by 0 reviews, based on 7 scored reviews and 8 reviews total. It is ranked in the top 28.03% scored sets on Brick Insights. We know this set was released in 2015, and it is categorised in Marvel Super Heroes.


average score

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76038-1 Attack on Avengers Tower

Review breakdown

Scored reviews 4.7 / 5 → 94 / 100

LEGO Shop 4.5 / 5 → 90 / 100

ttpm 4.5 / 5 → 90 / 100

Brickset 4.2 / 5 → 84 / 100

True North Bricks 82 / 100 → 82 / 100

Just2Good B+ → 80 / 100

The Brick Fan 4 / 5 → 80 / 100

Unscored reviews



Thumbs up 0%




A review is considereded a recommendation when its score is above the reviewers median score or if it's explicitly said so in the review. Read more in the FAQ.

Average rating



This set is average compared to all other sets. Read more about the ratings distribution chart here.

Compared to other 2015 sets


Average score for 2015 is 84.69. This set has 86, which is better.

Price per part (PPP)

Average PPP for 2015 is 0.25. PPP for this set is 0.12, which is better.

Price per minifig (PPM)

Average PPM for 2015 is 12.01. PPM for this set is 12, which is better.

Set information

Set ID: 76038-1
Name: Attack on Avengers Tower
Parts: 511
Minifigs: 5
Retail price (USD): 59.99
PPP (USD): 0.12
PPM (USD): 12

2015 Marvel Super Heroes

Brickset logo

Recommendation: meh average 4.7 / 5 from 197 reviews

It is a really intricate set and was fun to put together. I think that this set was my favorite. Each time I check it out I find new features (hidden compartments and weapons) just like you would expect. It is a little short, but it is not tiny. I am glad that I read reviews before purchasing because I was expecting something much smaller and was pleasantly surprised by the height :) I would definitely recommend this set!

This score from is an aggregate of 197 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
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LEGO Shop logo

Recommendation: meh average 4.5 / 5 from 22 reviews

This is one of the best Lego sets I have ever purchased. It is completely worth every penny. The many features in this set make it outstanding. First, let me tell you about the characters. The characters are great. I love the new Ultron Mk 1 and the 2 Iron Legionaires, although Ultron should probably look a tiny bit more like the Iron Legionaires (He was one originally!). It's always nice to have an Iron Man figure in most of the sets, but I don't get why Thor is in the set. Sure, he only comes in one other set in this series, but I think it would be better to replace him with either Hawkeye or Black Widow. A Bruce Banner minifigure would also be nice. Okay, now for the tower! The 6 rooms in this set include the command center, balcony and medical bay and are each very detailed. I very much enjoy the exploding window function, allowing Ultron to easily swoop in and retrieve Loki's scepter. I am not sure what the room on the bottom floor next to the medical bay is supposed to be used for, but I just use it for storing my Iron Legionaires. Last of all, I am very impressed with the hidden blasters below the balcony and on the top of the tower. I don't see anything that could be improved in the tower, except possibly adding another floor. This set is meant much more for play, although it makes an impressive display. Buying this set is an absolute must for any Lego Marvel fan ages 10 and up.

This score from LEGO Shop is an aggregate of 22 reviewers. The snippet above represent only one of them.
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ttpm logo

Recommendation: meh average 4.5 / 5

There is a lot of cool detail in this set to help Avengers: Age of Ultron fans play out favorite scenes from the movie or imagine all-new adventures. Fans will love the set's moving pieces, hidden features, and Super Jumper piece that all bring some action into the building play.

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Recommendation: meh average 4.2 / 5 from 5 reviews

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True North Bricks

True North Bricks logo

Recommendation: meh average 82 / 100 by Tom

This set has a decent value, even at full price. It also comes with five nicely designed Minifigures. The building has a nice look, and some fun play features for a younger crowd. For older collectors, it is not a stand alone piece that can be easily incorporated into a LEGO City. It lacks realism in terms of size and accessibility. The build itself is enjoyable, and not a bad value as far as LEGO sets in general are concerned. If you are looking for extra windows and parts, this is a great set to acquire.

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Just2Good logo

Recommendation: meh average B+ → 80 / 100

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The Brick Fan

The Brick Fan logo

Recommendation: no average 4 / 5 by Allen "Tormentalous" Tran

Overall, the Attack on Avengers Tower (76038) is a pretty well-built set. Although it may be a little smaller than what fans were expecting, it's cool that we at least get a tower. If you're comparing the size of the minifigures to the tower, the tower is a tower and has a good size to it. The minifigures are well designed with a couple being exclusive to this set. There is also the clear Super Jumper piece that I do not recommend using because it damages the back of the minifigure legs.

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by Jang

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