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41230-1 Batgirl Batjet Chase

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DC Super Hero Girls

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DC Super Hero Girls is a LEGO category that had 12 sets released in 2016-2017. This page details statistics of this theme, derived from all of the reviews Brick Insights has gathered and interpreted. You'll find a breakdown of the following:

Best rated DC Super Hero Girls sets of all time

Let's get the best part done first. These are the highest rated DC Super Hero Girls sets of all time.

All DC Super Hero Girls sets by rating

41235-1 Wonder Woman Dorm Room


Indifference 67%

Wonder Woman Dorm Room

41235-1 DC Super Hero Girls 2017

41230-1 Batgirl Batjet Chase


Indifference 63%

Batgirl Batjet Chase

41230-1 DC Super Hero Girls 2017

41237-1 Batgirl Secret Bunker


Avoid 33%

Batgirl Secret Bunker

41237-1 DC Super Hero Girls 2017

41234-1 Bumblebee Helicopter


Avoid 60%

Bumblebee Helicopter

41234-1 DC Super Hero Girls 2017

Worst rated DC Super Hero Girls sets of all time

Just for fun - these are the worst rated DC Super Hero Girls sets.

41231-1 Harley Quinn to the Rescue


Avoid 43%

Harley Quinn to the Rescue

41231-1 DC Super Hero Girls 2017

41233-1 Lashina Tank


Avoid 100%

Lashina Tank

41233-1 DC Super Hero Girls 2017

30546-1 Krypto Saves the Day


Indifference 100%

Krypto Saves the Day

30546-1 DC Super Hero Girls Promotional 2017

41232-1 Super Hero High School


Avoid 40%

Super Hero High School

41232-1 DC Super Hero Girls 2017


is the average rating of all DC Super Hero Girls sets.

This rating is the average of all 9 scored sets in DC Super Hero Girls. Compared to other categories this is average. 3 unscored sets are not included. 75% of all sets in this category are scored. Here's the distribution of all categories and where DC Super Hero Girls is in relation to the others.

To know what it takes for a set to get a score and thus be included in these calculations, check out the FAQ.


DC Super Hero Girls rating over the years

Years without scored sets are not included.

Recommendation distribution

Alright, so that's the rating. But are the sets generally recommended? The data we've collected shows that the majority of DC Super Hero Girls sets are considered up to personal taste:

Indifference 55%




Total: 11 / 12

Not all sets in our database are marked as recommended or not. We currently have 1 sets in DC Super Hero Girls that are considered unknown. They are excluded from these calculations.

A set is considered recommended when the majority of reviews recommend it. If you're interested in knowing when a review is considered a recommendation, I keep that reasoning updated in Brick Insights FAQ. I've also written an article detailing the recommendation distribution of all reviews.


Since part prices vary a lot depending on part types, Brick Insights attempts to group similar categories together. We call these meta-categories comparable categories. DC Super Hero Girls is bundled into System along with these:

Advanced models Adventurers Agents Alpha Team Animal Crossing Aqua Raiders Aquazone Architecture Art Assorted Atlantis Avatar Avatar The Last Airbender Basic Batman Boats Brick Sketches BrickHeadz Bricklink Bricks and More Building Set with People Bulk Bricks Cars Castle City Classic Creator Creator Expert DC Comics Super Heroes DC Super Hero Girls Despicable Me Dino Dino 2010 Dino Attack Dinosaurs Discovery Disney Dreamzzz Elves Exo-Force Factory Fortnite Freestyle Friends Fusion Gabby's Dollhouse Ghostbusters Harry Potter Hidden Side Hobby Set Homemaker Icons Ideas Indiana Jones Island Xtreme Stunts Jurassic World LEGO Games LEGO Universe LEGOLAND Legends of Chima Life of George Make and Create Marvel Super Heroes Master Builder Academy Mickey Mouse Minecraft Minions: The Rise of Gru Minitalia Mixels Model Team Monkie Kid Monster Fighters Nexo Knights Ninjago Overwatch Pharaoh's Quest Pirates Pirates of the Caribbean Power Miners PreSchool Prince of Persia Promotional Racers Rock Raiders Samsonite Scooby-Doo Seasonal Serious Play Service Packs Sonic The Hedgehog Space Speed Champions Spider-Man SpongeBob SquarePants Sports Star Wars Stranger Things Studios Super Mario System Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Angry Birds Movie The Hobbit The LEGO Batman Movie The LEGO Movie The LEGO Movie 2 The LEGO Ninjago Movie The Legend of Zelda The Lone Ranger The Lord of the Rings The Powerpuff Girls The Simpsons Time Cruisers Town Toy Story Trolls World Tour Ultra Agents Unikitty Universal Building Set Vidiyo Vikings Western Wicked World City World Racers Xtra {Unknown}

The average price per part (PPP) of all System sets is 0.19. The average PPP for DC Super Hero Girls is 0.12. Meanwhile, the average price per minifig (PPM) in System is 17.48 and the average PPM for DC Super Hero Girls is 11.31.

DC Super Hero Girls prices over the years

All prices are adjusted for inflation.